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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Jun 12, 2024

This week, you just need to listen and learn from my mistakes.  Some I made as a kid, and the most recent was over the last few years. 

I didn't want to seem intrusive when that is exactly how I should have been.  

Now, I am just sad.  Sad that I didn't do what I've been encouraging you to do.  I tried, but I didn't try...

Jun 5, 2024

To deepen our look into LTC annuities, this week we review how Danny 1035 exchanged a $160,000 variable annuity to a LTC indexed annuity with tax-free benefits for extended care needs.  

His cost basis (amount he originally deposited) was only $54,000.  He has a lot of liquid assets and doesn't need the $160K to live on...

May 29, 2024

This week, Diane shares how the PensionProtection Act passed in 2010 makes it possible to 1035 exchange non-qualified annuities into various LTC plans that generate tax-free income for extended care needs.

Not all annuities are tax-free for LTC.  LIsten and learn how different rules apply to different annuity forms.


May 22, 2024

We think we can beat the insurance company by waiting as long as we can to purchase LTC insurance.  

In truth we're just beating ourselves up.

Every year that we wait is one more year of no increase in benefits.  By waiting just 5 years, we could eliminate over $100,000 in future benefits.  

I'm sharing two stories...

May 15, 2024

This week, I'm sharing updates on the four clients with LTC claims that we shared on February 22nd.

I have been walking with these families as they prepare for and begin extensive caregiving needs for their moms and wives.

I can't imagine how hard it would be to navigate the claims process without guidance from an LTC...