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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Apr 24, 2024

If we want to make sure we can stay home when long term care is needed, we need a plan.  We need to afford the care we want.

If costs of care continue to increase every year like they have been, this is not something most of us will self-fund without bankrupting ourselves or destroying family relationships.

The first thing we need to do is admit that we'll probably need help living at some point.

Bill Comfort with Certification for Long Term Care says, "If we don't die, wil live long lives.  If we live long lives, we get old.  And when we get old, we need help living."

We need to prepare for this and presume we will be the one who lives a long life. How are we going to get the care we need?  Who will provide it?  How will we pay for it?   

Will we pay in dollars or with the physical and mental exhaustion of our family?

Let me help you prepare to live a long life successfully.  Schedule with me at