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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Jul 28, 2020

This week, Diane interviews Laura Hamilton and Alan Wilkett with They discuss the Bridge that God has helped them build to help young girls rescued from sex-trafficking right here in our community.  Diane also shares an LTC funding strategy that young retirees can use to build a tax planning...

Jul 21, 2020

This week, Michael from Houston, TX asks if there are tax deductions when we own LTC insurance plans.  As a thank you for asking, we'll send Michael a gift.  Ask your question from the Contact Us tab at and receive a thank you gift as well.  Thank you...

Jul 15, 2020

This week, Kelsey Leggett with Jaffe Tilchin Insurance in Tampa Florida, askshome if we can ever be too young to buy LTC insurance.  What is the youngest age it is available?  For asking, we'll send Kelsey a thank you gift.  Ask your question, at and we'll send you a gift, too.  Someone else...

Jul 7, 2020

This week, Mary Nash with The Advisor Magazine in Tampa, Florida, asks if it is ever too late to buy long term care coverage.  We'll send Mary a thank you gift for asking.  Ask your question at from the Contact Us tab.