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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Jan 25, 2023

Too often, we go through the process to learn about LTC and LTC insurance, work though the costs and see how it can work to help us protect our family, savings and choices.  Then we decide to wait to purchase a plan.

Sometimes, the reason to wait is very valid - putting kids through school, just changed jobs, building a...

Jan 11, 2023

We face natural consequences throughout our entire lives.  From not getting up on time to go to school, all the way to not preparing for our last chapter of living here on earth, the consequences of poor decisions are always there.  

As adult children of parents who failed to plan, we need to decide if we're going to...

Jan 4, 2023

Happy New Year! Let's welcome 2023 with the mindset of being prepared for our tomorrows.  Schedule that family meeting, whether it's to work with me to design a plan, to discuss your LTC plan with your family, or to implement and manage a care plan for yourself or a family member.

This week, Diane shares some relevant...