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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Kevin in Colorado asked what a tax-qualified LTC plan is and wants to know how a tax qualified LTC plan can benefit his family.  Diane shares when tax-qualified plans were put into effect and how they benefit consumers and business owners when both paying premiums and receiving benefits.  Thank you in advance for...

Jul 20, 2021

Beth Dhont at the Community Food Pantry asks another great two questions!  She wants to know what are some critical or costly "items" that may not be covered by LTC insurance.  Diane shares how LTC insurance works and what to pay attention to when planning and also when opening claims so you can be sure to get the most...

Jul 14, 2021

Maggie wants to know if she can place assets into a trust and qualify for Medicaid to pay for LTC needs.  That is a complex question, and Diane shares how that strategy compares to using LTC insurance to pay.  Every strategy has advantages and disadvantages, and we need to carefully consider each when making these...

Jul 6, 2021

Rick in Vermont will need to start withdrawing $50,000 annually from his IRA this year.  He already owns LTC insurance and wants to buy a plan for his wife.  He wants options to use his IRA to pay for her insurance.  Diane shares why they contacted her and how she's helping them prepare for tomorrow.