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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Jan 4, 2023

Happy New Year! Let's welcome 2023 with the mindset of being prepared for our tomorrows.  Schedule that family meeting, whether it's to work with me to design a plan, to discuss your LTC plan with your family, or to implement and manage a care plan for yourself or a family member.

This week, Diane shares some relevant topics in the LTC world that came to fruition in 2022.  And she also discusses what we can expect going forward into this year.

Many people are realizing that they don't want the same plan their parents have, which too often is spend all your money until it's gone and then rely on the government.  Living through that poor decision by our parents, we don't want to have that same burden land on our kids.

I pray for many blessings for you and your families in 2023.  And I look forward to helping you develop your LTC plan this year.  This will allow you to know that by creating a dedicated and tax-free stream of income for extended care needs, you are freeing up the rest of your retirement plan for whatever you want and dream for your golden years.

Ask me for help to design a plan unique to your family at