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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Apr 10, 2024

We live in an "I want it now" culture except when it comes to planning for extended care needs.  

Why do we feel the need to wait as long as we can to consider and design our LTC plans?

Once someone learns that there is a need for LTC insurance in some form, it takes 5-7 years on average for that person to contact someone who can help them purchase coverage.

I get that we don't want to plan for when something bad happens like we get dementia, have a stroke or need help getting through each day.  But these things happen whether we are prepared for them or not.

We will receive care from someone no matter what happens.  If we have a plan, we retain control of our choices when we do need help.

If we continue knowingly or unknowingly using the default plan of "spend all my money til I'm broke and then rely on the state Medicaid system", then we no longer can choose where we live.  The state puts in the next available nursing home bed.  This may or may not be a nice, clean, friendly place.

Why do we leavethis to chance?

Schedule time with me to prepare today tolive how and where you choose tomorrow