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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Nov 15, 2023

Caregivers get stressed out for many reasons and in many ways.  Some of my information this week is from personal experience caring for my grandma, and also from stories my clients have shared with me over the years.  Most comes from the Family Caregiver Alliance, who provides Caregiver Connections as well as resources to help family caregivers find answers to questions they don't even know to ask.  

Far too many people become caregivers, whether gradually or suddenly, not because they asked but because someone has to do it when there is no plan for care of a loved one.

Listen and learn some common emotional stresses that most caregivers endure, and sometimes for many years.

When we have a plan, we can lessen these stresses on those we love most.  We can set things up so that we can help our family help us better and longer, without getting worn out.

If you are a family caregiver, look for support at the Family Caregiver Alliance.

When you are ready to design a plan to prevent overburdening your family, ask me for help and guidance.  There are many ways to design and fund a plan, and I work in all 50 states.  Find me at

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