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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

May 24, 2023

This episode is from September, 2022, and shares some things to consider when kids aren't a part of our retirement equation.  Topic to consider - Hope is not a plan.  We hope we'll never need care.  We hope that, if we do, that we have enough money to pay for it.  

What if we don't have a family to protect?  Do we really need LTC insurance?   

Many people with no kids have had better opportunities to save throughout their lives.  They've lived well and comfortably for as long as they can remember. 

People without kids have always been able to choose how they want to live and likely want to be able to continue to choose how they want to live.

That can't happen if the assets are depleted and Medicaid starts paying for care.  The state Medicaid system will tell you where and how you're going to spend your last years - you won't get to decide.

Costs for long term care are increasing by at leasT 5% annually.  Last year, independent living increased by almost 9% nationwide.  Assisted living increased by almost that much.

If we want to stay in control of where we live and who is helping when we can't do things anymore, we need a plan.  And we need to be able to afford to maintain that plan.  LTC insurance is the most affordable way to accomplish this if care is needed.  Ask me how I can help at