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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Aug 16, 2023

This episode was originally published in May, 2021.  Diane shares how she helped Tom and Kay use a 20 year old annuity to design a long term care plan that pays tax-free benefits for care or pays your family back if care is never needed.  If you recall, interest rates were much lower in 2021 than they are today after the Fed raised rates multiple times this year.  There are more companies offering annuities with LTC benefits worth three, four or five times the cash value of the annuity.

If you have a non-qualified (non-IRA) annuity that has been earning interest for several years, you've never paid taxes on those earnings and wil have to when you start withdrawing money - UNLESS YOU TRANSFER THAE VALUE TO A NEW ANNUITY WITH AN LTC RIDER!  

Listen and learn unique ways we can avoid taxes while we protect our families, our assets AND our choices when we need help living.