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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Dec 6, 2023

Nick asks if Diane will review his current LTC plan and help him to understand how it works and if it will do what he thinks it will do.  

Unfortunately, we find many people in this situation.  They bought a plan several years ago and never again saw the agent who sold it.  Too many agents don't think beyond the sale, while the clients really need their help many years, or even decades later.

Too many plans are built to cover today's needs, without considering that costs of care will increase tremendously as our population ages and needs help living.  We need to know that home cre 30 years ago cost about $10/day , and today it's about $30/hour and more in some areas of the country. Why would we not consider inflation?

If you would like a policy review, we are available to help you understand your plan and determine if it is appropriate for what you believe your extended care needs may be - where you will live, the costs of care there, and the people you want caring for you are all part of your plan.

Reach out and ask us for guidance.  We're here to help

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