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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Sep 13, 2022

This week, our case study will hopefully have a happy ending.  The couple was referred to me in 2019, their advisor liked the plan I proposed and told them to wait three years, until they were age 60, to buy the coverage.

Today, they are both 61 and still waiting for recent health concerns to be resolved so they can complete an application.  They not only had several birthdays, but the plan they liked is now no longer offered in their state, and the company released a new plan with higher rates.

They were healthier three years ago and would have likely been approved.

Should the financial advisor who told them to wait be held accountable for that advice?  I think so, but how?

We need to consider finances, age and health when designing LTC plans to protect our families.

As promised, the Genworth Cost of Care link, where you can check out both current and projected costs in your area, is below.  Be sure to use a 5% compounding COLA when planning for future costs.