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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Dec 20, 2022

This week, I'm sharing my top Christmas wish this year.  I imagine most 55 year olds would share this wish.  I'm seeking a roadmap and directions I can use to help my parents as they are aging.  My parents are very private and feel uncomfortble sharing their needs and their spouses' needs with me and my sister.  But we'll be the one's managing the next part of their lives.

If we knew what they would want, and how they would want it, it would be much easier to begin to make decisions that are truly in their best interests.  If they would/could provide a road map with directions while they are still able to provide this, it will help us grant their wishes as best we can.

If you own LTC insurance, tell your kids that you own insurance, and show them where your policy is, so they can implement your plan at the right time.

If you don't own LTC insurance, tell your kids that you don't own insurance, and talk with them about what you want and how you plan to pay for your needs, so they can honor your wishes.

At holiday gatherings this season, work to schedule a family in person or zoom meeting in January so you can share your wishes with you can give them your roadmap with directions.

If you are still in planning stages, contact me to help you design your map and directions.