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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Nov 1, 2023

LTC planning has little to do with the person needing care.  It's really about protecting those we love most from the physical, emotional and financial consequences they'll face when a parent or loved one needs help to get through each day.

This month, we'll focus on five stressors a family caregiver WILL face to some degree.  The level of that strain depends on if there is a plan in place to manage and afford the care and responsibilities that come with caregiving.

This week, we talk about time.  69% of family/friend caregivers report having to rearrange their schedules to provide needed care.  75% of that 69% are women, who sacrifice our families and our futures to provide for a parent. There are more than 50 million family caregivers helping a loved one today, and most of them need help!

TCare is a national company that offers a Complete Way to Help Caregivers.  Check out their resources at

Episodes this month are very short and straight to the point. When there is a plan in place, there is less stress on the entire family.  Let me help you design your plan.

Let's design your LTC plan today. Schedule with me at