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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Nov 22, 2023

It's still LTC Awareness Month, and we're still focused on help for the family caregiver.  It's very easy for caregivers to fall into the trap of social isolation and lonliness.  The focus is always on the needs of the care recipient, and the caregiver may feel guilty for wanting things or activities for themselves.  LTC insurance is all about helping the caregiver help us better and longer, without wearing out.  

Socialization is a basic human need.  We weren't created to be isolated and alone, and we shouldn't set our kids up to feel isolated and alone.  When we own LTC insurance, we own a bucket of money that brings in people to help our kids help us.  

It's much easier to look at a $10,000 monthly home care bill if an insurance plan is paying it, or even some of it.  It's all about where you sign the check.  Would you rather have you and/or your kids sign the front of the check to pay for care, or sign the back?

What happens when the bank accounts are depleted?  Our already worn out kids will then be faced with a Medicaid nursing home to continue providing for us, liley not anywhere we would want to live.

The NY Times is in the middle of sharing caregiver stories this month.  Too many adult children have been forced to disrupt their own lives for a parent.  And we will do that because we love them.  Read this article and then contact me to stop the cycle of impoverishness we are creating by doing nothing.