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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Oct 12, 2022

This week is a great interview with Michael Anthony at Medicaid Success Select.  Based in Ohio and working nationwide, Michael's team helps people who need long term care but never partnered with an insurance company to pay for that care.  Medicaid planning helps clients take full advantage of legal exclusions and exemptions in the Medicaid system in order to pay the least amount that the government requires to qualify for Medicaid.

Michael says if we can partner with an insurance company to pay for care, we need to do it. It's more cost effective and without the need to find legal loopholes on income and asset caps.  If we didn't or can't get insurance, consider Medicaid plannng is a back up plan.  It's expensive, but better than depleting all of your assets because you don't understand the rules to qualify.  

Contact Michael and his team at 800-688-8064 and