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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Aug 30, 2023

This episode was first published in 2022, after hurricane Ian hit Florida a couple of hours south of us in Tampa.  As I work to republish this still very relevant info, hurricane Idalia is getting ready to pass Tampa and hit the "armpit" of Florida.  Unless somethng causes a sharp right turn, we'll miss the  worst of the storm again. There are coastal areas who are expecting over 6' of storm surge tonight.  That will flood homes and businesses throughout our region.  Please send thoughts and prayers to those here and north of us who will experience the wort=st of this category 3 storm.

When storms enter our lives, we are either prepared or we aren't.  This is true with weather - like hurricanes Ian and Idalia, bothpredicted to hit Tampa Bay - and with dementia,, which can hit any family without notice.

Amazingly, there are many similarities and also stark differences between these two kinds of storms.  

The three parts to a long term care plan and to a hurricane preparedness plan are eerily and coincidentally alike.

1) Where do you want to be?

2) Who do you want to ahve with you?

3) How do you plan to pay for this?

Are you prepared for the storms that may hit your family?  Ask me for your LTC Planning Guide to help you prepare at