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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Apr 12, 2023

Suze Orman talked about annuities on Sunday, and she brought so much valuable info to her listeners.  You can listen and subscribe here -

In addition to fixed and indexed annuities to create a future stream of income, you may be able to use an annuity to leverage LTC costs.  If you have that emergency fund that is turning into a long term care fund the older you get, you can deposit some of that savings into an annuity that includes enhanced or added benefits for extended care needs.

Or if you own an annuity that you are not planning to use as income, we can reposition that money into an annuity with added LTC benefits.

There are several options with this kind of planning.  The one I discuss this week has the potential to return 10 times (or more) the amount you deposit when you need help with things like eating, bathing, toileting, continence, transferring or dressing.  The annuity discussed here defers taxes on your gains  until you withdraw money. 

Others provide tax-free income for LTC needs at two or three times the account value.  If you have several years of tax-deferred growth on your non-qualified annuity, you can move to a new annuity with tax-free LTC benefits and avoid paying taxes on that gain.

These work well for people who are very heavy or have health concerns that prevent them from considering other LTC coverage options.

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