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Preparing For Tomorrow podcast

Dec 14, 2022

I am playing an episode from Septembner, 2021, today because we didn't have time to record this week. My husband was in the hospital with "chest pressure".  He had been feeling "heavy", in his words for a few days and was concerned that something may be seriously wrong physically.  He came home today with a pretty clean bill of health.  He's meeting with his primary doctor tomorrow to learn what he needs to change.  

SInce I knew we wouldn't be recording, I Iooked through and listened to past episodes; this one fit perfectly with what I was thinking while he was sleeping in a hospital bed.

Are we prepared for this kind of event?  I think so, other than emotionally.

All during the month leading up to this, a close family member is starting to have serious memory issues, which will need to be dealt with - for many years, likely.

This stuff just shows up , and we are either prepared, or we are not.  If we prepare today, our families will be better prepared for tomorrow.  Life insurance and LTC insurance are not for us - they're for those we love the most.  We need to put aside our pride and admit that things may not always go how we plan.  If we are open to believe that life can instantly change, we can prepare today so that, even though people are saddened, they will not be forced to abruptly change their lives because we refused to plan for the unplanned.  We need to prepare for their tomorrows.